Benefits of Repetition

Benefits of Repetition: As a school kid I used to write quotations on top pages of our notebook, when starting a new chapter. One of those were:

“Practice makes a man perfect.”

It is only consistency in our life that makes us successful. We cannot even dream about getting successful if we are not consistent in what we do. Consistency plays the most salient role in our life. Note it only most consistent people live most satisfactory lives. So, being consistent means being repetitive in what we do. In another post I had already discussed about repetition. Now, let us talk about some of the benefits of repetition. If we practice the right thing in the right way then all the ways to zenith is yours.

General Benefits

Master Various Skills

Repetition helps us in mastering various skills. Be it be riding a bike or writing a book. When we do repeat a skill on daily basis, we gradually become more and more efficient in doing it. Every time we repeat, the degree of error falls down.

Increased Efficiency and Output

By indulging in particular activities regularly promotes the efficiency and output by reducing the completion cycle and decreasing the error rates.

Greater Focus and Habit Creation

By repeating a task again and again we start becoming habitual of it. As a result, our focus automatically increases doing that task and we can do it easily and efficiently.

Self-Introspection and Intuitiveness

Repetition leads the road to greater intuition and with surge in intuitive skills it is quite easy to analyze ourselves for our overall improvement, i.e., performing self-introspection.

Efficient Time Management

As we start practising daily and make a proper routine for tasks to perform and by performing them over and over, we learn to manage time properly and efficiently.

The Law of Attraction

“What we are is what we think.”

This is the law of attraction. We get what we think the most; consciously or subconsciously. The law of attraction solely works on repetition of positive affirmations for large scale transformations which come slowly but surely. 

For Athletes

Better Training Expectations

Repetition creates a proper schedule and a structured format to training leading to better adherence to training principles and performance. Better expectations from training keep an athlete motivated which promotes efficiency and helps in the development of skills profoundly.

Build up Strength and Agility

Muscles break down to rebuilt them as per the need, and muscle memory edit itself again and again to get one with the skill with every repetition schedule. This helps to build up strength or agility as per the need of sports.

Keep track of Fatigue Meter

When a certain routine is followed, we come to know about the limitations of our bodies. When to push it to extent? When not? When it needs rest? When can it put extra effort? All these questions are answered.

Track Performance

When following a repetition schedule, it becomes very easy to track or measure performance after every schedule. One need not to go through specific tracking activities or worry about the improvement. If a person is repeating, he is surely improving.


For Students

Conceptual Clarity

When we repeat and repeat something, with every repetition a concept becomes more and more clear than before irrespective of subject.

Significant Learning

If we want that a concept should stick with us for a super long time, repetition is very helpful in achieving that; unlike cramming which is useful only in short-term learning process.

Saving Time and Energy

Time wasted in brainstorming during a typical mathematical problem falls significantly, saving lots of time and energy for other fun activities to re-energize our brains.

Boosting Confidence

If a student follows repetition, his confidence during examinations will always be high. As following repetition means being consistent and consistency always coupled with high self-confidence and success.

Pavement for Bright Future

Repetition creates a way of life which is pragmatic, disciplined, determined and dedicated. Which helps students to live a successful professional as well as personal life by maintaining a proper balance between them.

For Entrepreneurs

Creating Value

For leading a team or creating something new one must go hand in hand with The Repetition Process. Creation cannot be possible without repetition. For creating value in terms of products or services an entrepreneur has to try and try again. Remember great things happen to those who are hard-working and consistent.

Getting Work Done

Repetition is a tool that helps a person to get work done by their subordinates. This seems annoying but it is true. A good manager knows it and gives repetitive instructions for similar work via email, notices, meetings etc. It is helpful in reinforcing our messages and reducing misunderstandings.

Raising Morale and Efficiency

By giving repetitive praise, appraisals to the deserved employees. For e.g., Employee of the month, giving shopping coupons, bonuses as per performances, raise a sense of positive competition and morale of employees increasing efficiency along with it.

Initiating Big Changes in Environment

If a person or a company wants a total change in environment by applying Kurt Lewin’s method, Business Process Reengineering or by some other method, the resistance from employees will surely come. To overcome these problems the repetition process is quite helpful. By announcing about coming changes, training employees for the changes and making sure that they know about the benefits and repeating this process continuously for some time till it reaches the subconscious of employees. This will reduce the resistance adequately.    

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