The Saviour: Part 2

Slowly Sumit opened his eyes, he is now on a comfortable bed, he silently scanned his surroundings, there is a table on his left, a water bottle, few fruits and medicines were kept on it. There are two peoples sitting nearby on chairs. He then felt his arm, a tube was extended through it, it was connected to a bottle which was kept hanging on a stand. He then remembered the crash, on his way to SGPGI, his mind become confused. There are many thoughts, but cloudy. He cannot recall what really happened, all he remembered was sharp pain in his abdomen and a red coloured stream surrounding him.

“That… that was my blood, I was in an accident.” Sumit thought as he tried to get up. Again, he felt a sharp pain across abdomen. He rolled eyes down and saw that all his lower torso is covered with bandages.

“He regained consciousness, thanks to God.” Sumit heard a similar voice, he rolled over his eyes to see his father. He came forward and stroked Sumit’s head gently, “You will be alright son, soon enough. You have to rest now.”

There were thousands of questions bombarding Sumit’s mind right now, he is feeling very much uneasy. “How did I come here, I was lying on the road, the last thing I remembered is the deep pain in my stomach, and…”

Before Sumit could complete his sentence, his father mediated, “You do not need to worry now, you were in an accident, but now you are safe, this is all you need to know now.”

“I was on my way to the hospital, there is someone who needs help utterly, and they will be waiting for me. And who is she? I have never seen her before.” Sumit asked pointing to a young girl sitting beside his father.

Colour faded from the face of Sumit’s father as he started speaking again, “Accident happened last week, Mr Gurudeep called me and told me about the situation. The hospital you are admitted in is SGPGI, and this nice lady here is Asmita, she is Harsh’s sister.”

Harsh… the name strikes hard on the emotions of Sumit. “How is he now? Did he get better? Did you find another donor?” he asked in one go.

“Son, listen to me what happened.” Sumit’s father mediated again. “What is it papa, I am alright now, you said so, I want to know about the well-being of Harsh” Sumit said irritably.

“First you listen to me, what I have to tell you, I will answer all your questions. Are you okay with that?” Sumit’s father raised his voice slightly

“Okay…okay I will hear you out.”

“Mr. Mehta was the one who contacted Mr Gurudeep. The last call from your mobile is to Mr Mehta so he was the first person to get the news of your accident. He called up the ambulance and got you admitted here. When the doctors analysed you, they said that you have a punctured kidney, and there was a lot of internal bleeding, and you have to go through a transplant. Now, while we started looking for kidney donors, Harsh’s health started deteriorating at an alarming rate, there was no chance of saving him, all the doctors gave up. So, Mr Mehta came to me with an offer. The kidney they transplanted in your body is of Harsh, sadly, he is no more with us. But he was your saviour, now a part of him is living inside you, my son, remember him, and thank him with your heart.”

Sumit is totally dumbfounded, he does not have any words, what to say, he wanted to be a saviour but he was the one who got saved. He looked up to Asmita, her eyes welled up, two pearly droplets, rushing down her cheek deeply resonating with the sentiments of Sumit.

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